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Still working on your list? Coming up with a gift that isn't off the mill and that's unique for your loved one is a challenging task, but not impossible - especially if you have the likes of EnjoyTheWood™ that comes up with beautiful, handcrafted items perfect for the different members of your family and friends.
EnjoyTheWood™ is a family-owned brand that offers handcrafted and unique accessories from wood. Created by hand and produced in Ukraine, their unique wooden accessories are not just for adults but also for kids who dream about exploring the world...Read more



Ali Baldiwala of Baldiwala Edge shares insights into the interior design for this bijou apartment… This is a home that sparks curiosity and is layered with cosy textures and colours.

Our client’s request was simply to maximise the layout and give it an eclectic aesthetic. So, we’ve realised the space as a two-bedroom apartment with a living area, a den and an open pantry that especially highlights the unusual design of this apartment. And that’s how the abode got its moniker: Quirk Box... more

Using natural elements for home decor, this handcrafted 3D world map from Enjoy the Wood is the perfect wood wall art for any space. It’s sure to revive memories of travels abroad and inspire new globe-trotting plans.

Like many people, our family plans this past summer went right out the window. With a dream vacation planned to Ireland; our stay booked and itinerary all plotted out, we had put all those plans on hold... More

I know 2020 has been an unusual year for travel and we have all adapted to enjoying local adventures instead of faraway vacations. In saying that, the travel bug appears to be very much still alive in all my fellow travel lovers out there. To help you buy for your travel crazed friends and family these holidays, I have put together this guide featuring 22 of the best gifts for travel lovers... Read more

It’s hard enough to buy gifts for most of your family and friends, but what about that one friend who’s always on the go? You want to show them that you care and give them something they can use. To make sure your gift doesn’t get thrown away and doesn’t sit on a shelf collecting dust, below are the best gifts for travelers of all kinds, so you have an excellent list to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the best travel gifts for her or him, you’ll be happy to know your search ends here.

There’s no better gift for a travel lover than a world map on their wall to help them recall the incredible times they had exploring the world and to inspire future trips. This rustic wooden map makes for a great feature piece and you can even get flags and planes to mark visited destinations. The map comes in four different sizes to fit any wall appropriately. You can choose from 39” x 24”, 59” x 35”, 79” x 47”, and 118” x 69”. You can even customize this amazing map. Pick from a map with no names or borders or purchase a labeled map with countries and their states and capitals. Become the new favorite friend or relative when you gift someone this wooden world map...More

We have been looking for the perfect piece to put up in our dining room for a couple of years now, and I’m so happy to have finally found it. I wanted something that was unique, bold, and took up a lot of space! I was so ecstatic to have found these 3D Wood World Maps from Enjoy TheWood!

When we received the box, I got so excited to see all of the pieces up close! It’s honestly amazing the detail that they put into every single piece. I even discovered a few places in the world that I didn’t even know existed (crazy, I know)... More

I always have a really hard time buying presents for Eric. He is really hard to shop for, but also, we usually just buy what we want throughout the year, so there is almost nothing I can get him that he likely hasn’t already gotten for himself. Being in quarantine these last few months, we had to figure out our work from home situation. I already have an office set up downstairs, but Eric was working from the kitchen island for a while. We finally took the time to get an office set up for him and he’s been complaining that it’s “not finished” ever since. In an effort help finish the space, I set out to find some amazing decor for his office/man cave! When I saw the gorgeous Enjoy the Wood World Map, I knew this would be a perfect gift for him! Eric works in IT and specializes in Geographic Information Systems, which is tech-speak for “Google Maps”, thus, a world map seemed really fitting for his office! Read more